Best Part-Time Jobs for a University Student

Park time jobs for students

Juggling school and work may be one of the most difficult feats to accomplish. It’s no secret that college life can be stressful, and finances can contribute. Long nights of crunching for exams coupled with a long day at work can leave students Burned-Out. It doesn’t necessarily have to be this way.

Finding the right job to compliment your financial needs should be considered, particularly when you consider studies as your main priority. Students should be able to plan to work in an environment that suits their skill-set, schedule, and financial needs. Here we have comprised a list of part-time jobs that can contribute to a college students’ lifestyle.

Serving or Working in a Bar

There’s always talk of the starving waiters. They are assumed to be gruelling every day with barely enough cash to make ends meet. The contrary to this notion is that one can make a decent wage as a waiter. Gratuity keeps the service industry rolling. So, it is wise to tackle this profession by offering great service to patrons.

Disadvantages – The industry can be seasonal. Tips aren’t always guaranteed.

Consider starting a Blog / Website

Bloggers usually get paid by placing advertisements on their site. With revenue paid by the click, funds can add up fast. Primarily, there should be good content to draw users to gain interest in browsing your content. The good thing about being a blogger is that one can produce any type of information that fits their fancy.

Disadvantages – The more useful content available, the better. It can be difficult to find time for writing and posting.

Consider cleaning for some extra money

Cleaning is a formidable work for a college student. They can find gigs that offer part-time work at competitive wages. Typically, cleaners work odd hours or contract jobs that only take a few hours at a time.

Disadvantages – Freelance work requires regular clientele or contracts. Also, irregular hours can interfere with studies.

Consider manual labour

Working as a labourer can be gruelling. However, it often pays well. Labourer positions can be indoors or outdoors. In general, employers are looking for folks that can stand for extended periods of time and lift up to 50 pounds. The salaries range from minimum wage upwards of 50k per year (depending on the contractor).

Disadvantages – Employers can be demanding of labour workers. This may not be the type of job you like if you are clumsy. Labour workers often work long hours. Be sure to schedule appropriate hours to allow proper sleep.

Hotel receptionist

If you manage to land a receptionist position, you can rest easy it will be cushy. Furthermore, receptionists earn upwards of minimum wage without the labour burden. Be sure to include good references when seeking a receptionist position.

Disadvantages – ​​​​​​A lot of companies prefer receptionists with experience. It can be difficult to find this type of job at entry-level.

Retail or Shop Assistant

This job is easy to come by. They typically have a high turnover rate. Working as a retail associate can be simple. If you are good at filing clothing and assisting customers this can make for a good part-time job. One can canvas stores to search for a retail position. Also, with a decent work ethic, a student can climb the ranks quickly. Look for this type of position if you have a friendly attitude.

Disadvantages – Students should realize that dealing with the public can be stressful. It is imperative to maintain good character in the retail field. Retail associate positions generally offer very low pay. Don’t expect more than making ends meet, (at least starting out) at this job.

Customers Service

There are some competitive wages for customer service associates. This is like being an entry-level receptionist without all the red tape. It would be keen to search for work-at-home positions to offer less commuting. Search online for companies that provide this perk.

Disadvantages: These types of positions fill up quickly and can be seasonal.

As with any job search, always be sure to check your bases. One should never have to pay or submit to illegal inquiry when applying. The Better Business Bureau offers an online search tool to help weed out illegal companies.

Also, a Google keyword search with “scam” or “legit” can offer enlightening information from workers that may have been duped. Make school your priority by finding a job that suits your needs. Proper planning can make the difference between failing grades and honours.


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